Rosalyn Atkinson- The Unloved Wife

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Proverbs 30:21-23
“For three things, the earth trembles And under four it can’t bear up; For a servant when he is king; A fool when he is filled with food; For an Unloved Woman when she is married.”

The Unloved Wife

Through every word on every page is the life of a woman who had dreams of a bright future with a loving husband. She knew she had married the man of her dreams and it was a match made in Heaven.

Together they would love, live, grow, develop and nothing would be impossible for them to achieve together.

She would realized that the "Match Made in Heaven" was a Match made in HELL!

All of what she dreamed of and everything she imaged was shattered with lies, disappointment and even physical abuse.

This woman was me and my reality of being an Unloved Wife.
Rosalyn Atkinson

Being married doesn’t mean that you are in love and being prophetic doesn’t mean that you clearly see the signs.

-Rosalyn Atkinson Author and Activist for Women of Domestic Violence

don't become

The Unloved Wife

Get your copy of this riveting testimony of false love, abuse and divorce.

Rosalyn Atkinson- The Unloved Wife

you can love again after being an unloved wife!

Rosalyn Atkinson 
Author and activist

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